How It Works


Healthy Meals Supreme is your easiest way to eat right.  We do all the shopping, calculations, measuring and cooking for you. You just “heat it and eat it!”
Purchase your delicious meals or meal plans. The ordering deadline is Friday at 6:00 pm Eastern Time (US).
Meals are sent overnight ground delivery from the Healthy Meals Supreme kitchen every Wednesday.
Your order will arrive between 8am and 8pm the next day on Thursday with an instruction page in the box.

Take the meal containers out of the Healthy Meals Supreme delivery box.

Remove the meal from the special vacuum-pak bag for the meal you would like to eat now.

Place the container in the microwave and heat individually in the microwave for 1 to 1 ½ minutes depending on the power of your microwave.

Start at 1 minute for breakfasts and 1 ½ minutes
for lunches and dinners.

Remove from the microwave. Please be careful because the container may be hot to the touch.

You can eat the food right from the microwaveable container or remove the place it on your choice of plate.

For beautiful meal plating visit the respective meal pageand click the plating video tab under the meal photo.