Global Master Chef Karl J. Guggenmos, MBA, AAC
Executive Consultant, HMS

Chef Guggenmos

Global Master Chef Karl Guggenmos is the senior culinary advisor at Healthy Meals Supreme. He is also Dean Emeritus at Johnson & Wales University (JWU), where he recently retired as the university dean of the culinary development after a 30 -year tenure at the university where he also served as the university dean of culinary education overseeing 4 campuses and more than 6000 students, the dean of the College of Culinary Arts as well as an instructor.

During his 50-year career, Dean Guggenmos has consulted on many initiatives including the culinary medical program established at the Goldring Center of Culinary Medicine at Tulane University Medical School. This program was adopted by more than 35 medical schools across the United States. He also served on Advisory Boards with Starbucks and Tyson.

Earlier in his career, Dean Guggenmos served as the executive chef at restaurants worldwide until 1988, when he joined JWU.  Global Master Chef Guggenmos is the recipient of a long list of prestigious awards including the Silver Star Medal Chaine des Rotisseurs (2016), Education Ambassador of Rhode Island (2015) and Presidential Medallion, American Culinary Federation (2010).

Global Master Chef Guggenmos is a member of a variety of organizations including the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the Retail Bakers of America, the Golden Toque and the National Association of Catering Executives.  He is regularly invited to judge prestigious culinary competitions worldwide and was named a Global Master Chef by the World Association of Chefs Societies in 2008. Global Master Chef Guggenmos also holds an MBA from JWU.


Global Master Chef Guggenmos’s current projects include co-creating a new line of culinary medicine inspired meal programs for Healthy Meals Supreme, a new, national, freshly prepared, ready-to-eat, home delivered meal company in the US. The company is dedicated to providing the easiest way for people to eat right.

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